Greensboro Astronomy Club



55 AND

Presented By: 

Astrophotographer Johnny Horne

     This month's program will be given by nationally known
astrophotographer Johnny Horne.
Johnny is going to show some of his astrophotos, including some
eclipses, as well as the renovations he's done over the past few years to
his 40-year-old observatory. He will also look back at the past decade of
the 55 years he has spent in the hobby and perhaps peer into the next
55. All-in-all it's going to be a great talk.

Presenter's Bio:

Johnny retired in April 2016 after 44 years of working as a staff
photographer and photo editor for North Carolina’s oldest newspaper
The Fayetteville Observer. An amateur astronomer since age 10,
Johnny is a contributing editor for Sky and Telescope magazine and
has written S&T test reports for the magazine since 1987.
He has served on the technical support staff for Sky and Telescope
astronomical expeditions to Mexico, Africa, the Caribbean and Iceland.
He photographed Halley’s Comet from the Australian Outback in 1986
and his astronomical photographs have appeared in magazines and
newspapers worldwide. He makes most of his astronomical images
from a backyard observatory he built in 1978 and still uses today.
Since 1989 Johnny has written the monthly amateur astronomy
column “Backyard Universe” for  The Fayetteville Observer.

Johnny has traveled to five total solar eclipses, most recently to Salem, Oregon for the August 21, 2017 eclipse.

In 2004 The International Astronomical Union

named asteroid 11132Horne in Johnny’s honor for his years

of public outreach in astronomy.

Johnny lives in Stedman NC with his​ wife Ann.

They have two sons, Adam and Stephen.

***As usual some members will
gather for dinner prior to the
meeting. You are welcome to join
them at the Golden Corral on
Lawndale Drive at 6:00.