Greensboro Astronomy Club



Presented By:Roger Joyner

This month’s program will be
given by GAC member Roger
Joyner. Roger was the curator of
the GSC’s Omnisphere Planetarium
for 41 years and has been a life-
long astronomer.

"I think it is the dream of every
astronomer, amateur, or
professional, to have a big
telescope in an observatory. I
know it has been mine although
it was a very faint one until just
A little over a year ago
circumstances came together
which allowed me to finally
reach that faraway dream.
Through a most generous gift I
was lucky enough to take
possession of a Meade 12-inch
telescope. Wonderful, but how
could I use it; it’s too heavy for
me to pick up and carry outside.
It would have to be permanently
mounted; that would require an
observatory. Thus began the
journey which resulted in the
building of the North Star